Why is Victoria Falls ‘Africa’s Adventure Capital?’

If you type ‘Victoria Falls’ into your search engine, one phrase constantly pops up- “The Adventure Capital of Africa”. When you eventually arrive, it will feel as though you have stepped through your computer screen into this fantastical, exhilarating world.

There seems to be no limit to the adrenaline-inducing activities you can do in Victoria Falls, but this is not the only reason the town is known as Africa’s Adventure Capital. Wild Horizons have transformed everyday activities into unique and memorable moments.

Make Every Meal Memorable

Instead of a quick sandwich at a street-side, carbon copy café, venture onto the edge of the gorge, where The Lookout Café is perched 120 meters above the Zambezi River rapids. Or, spend an evening on The Malachite Dinner Cruise, silently slicing across the river while dining on grilled Zambezi bream. The mist from the waterfall curls around the Victoria Falls Bridge, while excitement vibrates through the air from the adjacent highwire activities. Every meal is a sensory overload infused with the essence of adventure.

Explore Culture In Craft & Curio Markets

‘Shop With Purpose’ and support local artists in the craft and curio markets. The markets are mosaics of local art, a kaleidoscope of color from the bold Chitenge material and bright beadwork. Malachite bowls are dotted along the mat-covered ground, like stunning green flowers bursting through the earth. Roaming among these are intricate wood carvings of rhino, hippo, elephant and antelope. Handcrafted and lovingly made, the curious represent a tangible memory from your holiday.

Visit the local food markets where hessian sacks spill their contents like jewels from a treasure chest.  Sample crunchy Mopane Worms, roasted peanuts and other local delicacies. Learn about different traditional cooking techniques and ingredients while you experience a new style of grocery shopping.

Art and Craft Shopping at local Victoria Falls markets

Bike tours

Embark on a bicycle tour with friends and family, and you will experience nature in a more cognizant way. A bike tour encourages you to engage your senses and your tour guide will reveal the hidden gems you may have never noticed. For example, instead of driving past the ‘Big Tree’, an ancient Baobab, you will stop to sample the addictively sour ‘cream of tartar’ while listening to an African fable about the ‘Upside Down Tree’. Peddle over the bridge that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia, feeling a playful spritz from mist from the Victoria Falls. Veer along the gorge and cycle through the cradle of nature. Leave the well-worn path and follow animal corridors on this easy, family friendly adventure.

Tailor Make Your Victoria Falls Adventure

Your idea of adventure might be rafting the best white water rapids on the planet.

It could be the thrill of hearing, seeing and feeling nothing but the power of a waterfall surge around you in the rainforest.

Maybe your sense of adventure can be felt in a cultural connection.

Every definition of the word is a characteristic of Victoria Falls, The Adventure Capital of an adventure-crazed world. Get in touch with our adventure experts to create your perfect adventure.

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