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Office Landline: +263 (83) – 2844571, 2844426, 2842313, 2842029
Emergency After Hours: +263 712 213 721
Manager: +263 774749965
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Physical Address: 310 Park Way Avenue, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to travel to Zimbabwe?

Nature has given Zimbabwe one of the finest climates in the world, which is warm without being oppressive and with a daily average sunshine of approximately ten hours all year round. Generally, the days are bright and sunny, the nights clear and cool. November to April is summer (rainy season)while winter is from May to July, with generally dry weather. The period August to October is very hot and dry. In the latter summer temperatures can soar to over 35C compared with the Highveld’s average 25o C to 35oC. Daytime winter temperatures average 13oC to 20oC but can fall to –5oC at night.

Are there any social norms or taboos I should be aware of?

Zimbabweans are very warm, friendly people and will typically greet you enthusiastically.

Handshake greetings are very common in Zimbabwe, which typically comprise of three stages: a normal handshake, which is followed by a connection of hooked fingers (thumbs raised and touching) and finishing in a normal handshake – ask a local to show you how!
Speaking to someone with your hands in your pockets is considered very rude.
When you wave hello, be sure to rotate your wrist. A simple palm-outward raised hand is a sign of opposition to the president and government. It’s an easy mistake to make that could be misinterpreted as offensive!
Tips of 10% are customary

Using Credit Cards?

Almost all hotels, shops, restaurants and activity operators now accepts credits cards; Mastercard and Visa only – NOT American Express. However as with everywhere occasionally a card machine won’t work so it’s always best to have a reserve of cash in these instances.

Best advice is to book and pay for as much as you can in advance so that you don’t have any problems whilst here.

Entry Visas at the ports of entry can be paid for by card but again ocasionally the machine or your card won’t go through so a reserve is advisable. The exact same applies to entrance fees for the Victoria Falls rainforest

Telephone: +263 83 28 42279, +263 83 28 44426, +263 83 28 42001,
Mobile: +263 782 745111

Lodge Enquiries:

Physical Address: 310 Park Way Avenue, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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