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Victoria Falls Weddings

Fall head over heels for these packages

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If you’ve been searching for the ultimate destination wedding, look no further! Destination weddings are becoming the new normal, as couples choose to celebrate this pinnacle life moment in an exotic destination with their closest friends and family. But planning your dream day from another part of the world comes with its own set of unique challenges. Not only are you planning a wedding, but you’re also planning a vacation for you and your guests. It can be overwhelming, which is why we have designed these Victoria Falls wedding packages in jaw-dropping venues.


Riverside Romance

White sandy beaches and the shimmering Zambezi River led the design aesthetic for our most popular wedding package. Luxury cruise boats transport guests to the enchanting ceremony site, a hidden gem along the blue-green stretch of the Zambezi. From the river, it looks as though the trees have been gently parted to reveal an exquisite oasis where you will say you I Do’s.

The natural environment comes to life with vibrant floral arrangements, creating a beach vibe that harmonizes with the surrounding wilderness.

After the ceremony and sunset cruise, guests are transferred to the next jaw-dropping venue – the Wild Horizons Lookout Café. The iconic restaurant is the perfect place to have your first dance, indulge in a three-course meal, and create life-long memories.

Say ‘I Do’ On The Edge

Tucked away on a private wilderness concession, the Batoka Gorge is one of the most breathtaking wedding venues in the world. Inspired by the dramatic beauty of the Batoka Gorge, this wedding package sets the tone for a marriage built on adventure. The site epitomizes rustic romance with soft, sophisticated special touches. From the gentle rumble of the rapids below to the swaying trees and organic elements, you will fall in love with every inch of the bush venue.

After the ceremony and sun-kissed cocktail hour, guests are transferred to the Wild Horizons Lookout Café for the wedding reception. 

Elegance & Elephants

This fairytale wedding is complete with gentle giants and a picturesque riverine setting. The ceremony takes place in a private wilderness sanctuary, where panoramic views of the Masuwe River form the backdrop. Incorporate the inherent unpredictability of Africa into your special day by surprising your guests with an elephant encounter after the ceremony. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is the wow factor every dream destination strives for.

After the ceremony and sun-kissed cocktail hour, guests are transferred to the Wild Horizons Lookout Café for the wedding reception. 

The Lookout Cafe

In a town filled with natural wonder and staggering scenery, the Wild Horizons Lookout Café is an iconic landmark in Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls Bridge stretches across the Batoka Gorge with the spray from the waterfall curling like curious clouds through the black basalt channel, The package includes exclusive use of the Lookout Cafe, a plated three-course meal, chairs, arch and the signing table.

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7 Wonders of Victoria Falls; #3 A High-wire Activity

A High-wire Activity is an adrenaline rush and a must do when visiting Victoria Falls.

There is a range of activities from the family friendly and exciting Canopy Tour to the extreme gorge swing for those who are more adventurous. Wherever you fall on the adrenaline scale try something new and you won’t regret the memories you make.

There are 4 levels of Activity:

The Canopy Tour: The gentlest of the high-wire activities. This exciting and scenic activity offers amazing views of the turbulent rapids, the Victoria Falls Bridge and the spray of the Falls. This unique experience is suitable for families or groups who will be able to enjoy the activity together. Adventure seekers of all ages can partake. Observe the riverine forest from a variety of vantage points – from above, below and within the canopy itself. Experience forest bird-life, which can include the Black Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Knysna and Purple-crested Turaco (Lourie).


Flying Fox: You get clipped into a harness that is attached to a pulley which then glides along an almost horizontal cable across the gorge, 125m above the canyon floor. This gives you the sensation of flying. It looks tame in comparison to the Zip Line and Gorge swing, but this is still a thrilling experience.

The Flying Fox

The Zip Line: This is similar to the Flying Fox but here the cable is not horizontal it is at a steep angle so once you let go you accelerate down-hill at speeds of over 100km/h. It is extremely exhilarating and can be done singly or in tandem. It is twice the distance as the flying fox.

Zip Line!

Gorge Swing: Leave your stomach behind, this is only for the totally insane. Your harness is attached to a rope, the rope is attached to the middle of a cable that runs across the full width of the gorge.

Once you are all set, you stand on a platform on the edge of a sheer 120m cliff, say a quick prayer and jump off – how crazy is that? You jump off and free-fall for about 70m straight towards the river below, then as the rope becomes taut you start to swing away from the ravine you were hurtling towards, fractions of a second ago. You then swing in a gentle arc giving you time to appreciate both the beauty of the scenery and the adrenaline rush.

The Gorge Swing

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