1) Zimbabwetourism.net

The Zimbabwe Tourism website is a great overall resource when it comes to the delivery of useful information on Zimbabwe Tourism. It has a nicely laid out interface, some great photos, and it also has a very handy “Research” section that provides all kind of statistics pertaining to Zimbabwe Tourism in general, as well as a link to the Zimbabwe Tourism Act.

2) Zimparks.org

The Zim Parks website, whilst a little archaic in terms of design, does provide some useful information when it comes to Zimbabwe’s National Parks themselves. Their Google Map with overlays of all the National Parks on the “Maps & Weather Data” tab could come in handy for overseas agents who aren’t familiar with the geography of the country, as well as their “Useful tips before you travel” tab.


3) Wild Horizons Agent’s Manual

The Wild Horizons Agent’s Manual is a one-stop-shop for all agents who sell Wild Horizon’s activities and accommodation. It contains useful information not only for activities in Zimbabwe but also Botswana and Zambia, as well as relevant Visa information for Zimbabwe and Zambia.


4) Wikitravel Zimbabwe

Wikitravel.org’s section on Zimbabwe contains a nice overview of useful information, such as visa requirements, health requirements, climate overview – but of particular note is the bottom section on culture, under the heading of “Respect” – which describes some of the local customs when it comes to interacting with local Zimbabweans.


5) Automobile Association

The AA’s section on crossing the border into Zimbabwe offers some useful information on health and documentation requirements for self-driving South Africans, As well as some useful phone numbers.


6) My Destination Zimbabwe

My Destination offers an interactive and engaging experience on all things Zim related – of note is the upbeat Youtube video introducing Zimbabwe as a destination, which is great for sending out to potential clients who are still assessing their options. They also have a very useful “what’s on” section which agents can use to propose times to visit.

7) Victoria Falls Guide

The Victoria Falls Guide is a locally run website in Victoria Falls and is a leading provider of advice, tips, and general information when it comes to anything regarding travel in Victoria Falls. Of note is the “maps” section, where tourist’s and agents can get their hands on a comprehensive tourist map of Victoria Falls town. They also have a great FAQ’s section and contributions from readers on past stories and experiences.


8) Tel One Directory

The Tel One Directory is probably the closest thing to a functioning online phone & business directory that Zimbabwe has to offer and often comes in handy when trying to track down a contact number for a particular person or business in Zimbabwe.


9) TechZim

TechZim is a leading technology blog that focuses on the reality of technology and IT in the country – it’s challenges and achievements. Very useful for tourists and visitors who need to stay connected on the ground but are worried about the availability of accurate and up-to-date information when it comes to staying connected online and on the ground.


10) Zambezi Traveller

Zambezi Traveller is a great online resource for news and articles regarding wildlife and conservation, tourism news and information, and covers not only Zimbabwe but all major centers along the Zambezi River including Chobe, Okavango, Kafue, Victoria Falls, Hwange, Harare, Kariba and the Middle Zambezi, Lusaka, Luangwa, Livingstone, Cabora Bassa & Tete. They release a free of charge printed newspaper 4 times a year which is distributed to all centers along the Zambezi, as well as subscribers around the world. This platform offers lucrative advertising opportunities.


11) Seat 61 – A Beginner’s Guide to Train Travel in Zimbabwe

This section of the Seat 61 website offers valuable information for anyone seeking information on how to travel by train in Zimbabwe. Just bear in mind that times may differ from published timetables, and best practice is always to go to the train station yourself beforehand to confirm what services are running and their costs.


12) Zimbabwetravel.info

Zimbabwetravel.info is another source rich in information on the National Parks, as well as the main cities. They also have a section on how to travel by train or bus around Zimbabwe.


13) Wild Zambezi

This section of the Wild Zambezi website is also jam packed with useful information on getting around in Zimbabwe, as well as the usual high-quality wealth of information on tours and safari’s that one has come to expect from Wild Zambezi. Of note are articles such as the 4×4 code of conduct, their Tour Operators’ Code of Ethics, and the Electricty, Phones & Internet, Time, Public Holidays and Dress section. A very valuable resource indeed!

14) Trip Advisor Zimbabwe

Trip Advisor is the world’s leading online reputation website when it comes to choosing accomodation, restaurants, and activities in just about every country in the world. It makes for reliable reading as you can see past guests’ comments, reviews and recommendations and is an essential tool for finding, and deciding upon the plethora of options when it comes to travelling, as well as selling travel, in Zimbabwe.


15) Zimbo Jam’s Events Calendar

Zimbo Jam is one of Zimbabwe’s most popular arts, culture and lifestyle blogs and seem to constantly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to anything regarding music, festivals, carnivals or any other culturally significant event happening in the country. Of note are their comprehensive articles on HIFA – Harare International Festival of the Arts – Africa’s largest international arts festival.