Introducing The Wallow Lodge

Introducing The Wallow Lodge

If you had to write one sentence for a white water rafting trip, one for a luxury lodge and one for a home-hosted meal, they would all sound very different. But underneath all the adjectives and superlatives, every Wild Horizons product tells the same story: Wander wildly and tread lightly, remembering that your journey has the power to make an impact. The new Wallow Lodge is no exception. 

Victoria Falls is Travel Ready

In the wake of the pandemic, tourism in Victoria Falls plummeted as lockdowns brought travel to a halt. The Wallow was a few months away from opening when borders around the world began closing. 

The pandemic once seemed like a never-ending journey, but today, almost 80% of the Victoria Falls adult population has received the vaccination, making it the first city in Southern Africa to achieve herd immunity. 

The overwhelming success of Zimbabwe’s vaccination program, combined with the open spaces and exclusive experiences intrinsic to a safari, means that Victoria Falls qualifies as one of the safest destinations to visit in this new era of travel. So it is time to return to our remote wonderland of rivers and rainforests, and The Wallow will show you that it has been worth the wait.  

A Hidden Gem In The Heart Of The Wilderness

The Wallow Lodge is located in the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary, a private concession in the Victoria Falls National Park. A birds-eye view of the area would show you the silver-blue shimmer of the Masuwe River, snaking across a mosaic of green and gold wilderness. The landscape is punctuated by the black basalt gorge, where the rapids of the Zambezi River froth 140 meters below the edge. The ‘Smoke That Thunders’ hangs like a heavy white cloud above the treetops on the horizon. A closer look reveals the canvas suites and main area, blending in seamlessly with the environment on the banks of the Masuwe River. This is a destination of exceptional beauty, and The Wallow Lodge reflects the landscape. 

All Wild Horizons Lodges are uniquely and thoughtfully designed to have their own character, but the golden thread tying them together can be seen in Craig White’s signature style that emphasizes sustainability and space. With only 16 suites to accommodate a maximum of thirty-two guests, The Wallow Lodge is perfect for families and small groups who want to reconnect with nature and spend quality time together. Victoria Falls is a short twenty-minute transfer from the lodge, giving guests the freedom to tailor-make their experience and find a balance between the exclusivity of the bush and the excitement of Africa’s Adventure Capital.

The Main Lodge 

Panoramic views of the Masuwe River form the backdrop of the main area, cleverly incorporating the unrushed rhythm of nature into the open plan design. There is an echo of the elements in the infinity pool and sunken firepit, both of which overlook the river from an expansive deck. The furniture is earthy and sophisticated, brought to life with splashes of colour. The effect is captivating yet calming and epitomizes the inherent unpredictability of Africa. The Wallow Lodge embodies the simplicity and authenticity of safari life, with a modern freshness about it.

The Suites 

Enchanting and intimate, the sixteen suites are ideally situated to overlook the Masuwe River and surrounding wilderness. The imaginative use of canvas preserves the romance of yesteryear with a classic safari atmosphere, accentuated with all the modern creature comforts. Each room is raised beneath the shade of ancient riverine trees, and from this elevated vantage point, guests can enjoy uninterrupted views of the river from their private balcony. The décor is simple yet elegant with wooden furnishings and potted plants. There is a touch of ‘bush bohemia’ in the vibrant ‘chitenge’ cushion covers, ensuring an authentic translation of local culture in the decorative theme. The attention to detail strikes a perfect balance between contemporary, homely touches without detracting from the surrounding wilderness.

Shining A Spotlight On Sustainability

Wild Horizons represents the sharp edge of transformative, sustainable travel that demonstrates the value of protected wilderness areas. Sustainable technology such as solar power, environmentally friendly decking, and non-disposable products ensure that every journey leaves a light footprint on the land. At the same time, the activities create synergy between guests and the environment. For example, guests are invited to tour The Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust, located in the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary. This gives them an insiders perspective on the innovative conservation initiatives that help mitigate human-wildlife conflict, further our knowledge of keystone species, and safely rehabilitate injured wildlife. The safari experience has been reimagined beyond a wilderness experience to include community, conservation and meaningful immersion. 

The Wonder of the Wallow Lodge

From Guided Tours of the rainforest to game drives and Gorge sundowners, you will experience the best Victoria Falls has to offer as well as a few hidden gems other travellers don’t know about!

You are an email away from your safari getaway. Get in touch with our travel experts to start planning a life-changing holiday at The Wallow Lodge.

The Intimate And Exclusive Elephant Camp

Southern Africa stirs to life as travellers dream of their next adventure from a new point of view. Mindful of the challenges of a transformative year, The Elephant Camp West epitomises the future of safaris under canvas, offering guests a restorative sanctuary that harnesses the healing power of nature. The design of Camp West harnesses the simple elegance of The Elephant Camp Main. The flagship design has been thoughtfully adapted for exclusive use by family and friends who crave meaningful distancing from the world’s demands and distractions. 

Inspired By Nature

Resting lightly on 4500 acres of private wilderness, The Elephant Camp has always been synonymous with restorative retreats and exclusive experiences.

From the interior spaces’ uncluttered beauty to the careful placement of each suite to capture the best views, the carefully crafted camp is enveloped by stillness and serenity.   

From the outdoor showers to the private plunge pools, the lodge invites continuous engagement with nature’s healing power. 

Reimagined through a modern perspective, the essence of adventure inherent to a tented safari experience is more aligned with how travellers have evolved. Simplicity, sustainability and comfort remain the golden thread of the design, amplified by thoughtful touches that inspire meaningful connections with the environment.

The main deck overlooks the cavernous Batoka Gorge, with the cloud of mist from the Victoria Falls commanding the skyline. 

Activities can be adapted and planned according to preference and private game drives, walking safaris, gorge sundowners, elephant encounters and more allow guests to immerse themselves in every experience. We have now included a luxury cruise on the Zambezi Royal in the inclusive-activities on offer to guests staying at The Elephant Camp. 

Victoria Falls river cruise on the Zambezi

The Zambezi Royal Luxury Sunset Cruise

The luxurious Zambezi Royal is a single level cruise boat and offers a unique and intimate way to view the Zambezi River.

During the premium two hour guided sunset cruise guests can look forward to 5-star service on board, consisting of imported wines and spirits, gourmet hot & cold canapés.

Find out more here. 


A Guided Tour of The Victoria Falls Rainforest

Victoria Falls has captivated philosophers and poets. The Natural World Wonder engages all the senses, and vibrates through you. Guests staying at The Elephant Camp can book a morning or afternoon Guided Tour of The Victoria Falls Rainforest (excluding Parks Fees). 

Discover more about Victoria Falls throughout the year here. 

The Victoria Falls Canopy Tour

The Canopy Tour is a great family activity and offers fantastic views of Zambezi rapids, Victoria Falls Bridge & the spray of the Falls.

Observe the riverine forest from a variety of different vantage points – from above, below and within the canopy itself. The Victoria Falls Canopy Tour offers a network of slides, trails and rope bridge walkways within the canopy of the hardwood forest of the Zambezi gorges.

The Canopy Tour is family fun with a unique birds-eye view of one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Find out more here

Wild Horizons elephant encounter

Meet The Elephant 

The Elephant Encounter affords guests the opportunity to unobtrusively observe some of the biggest personalities in Africa, in a pristine wilderness environment overflowing with raw natural beauty. Guests spend time and connect with elephants in the most positive and natural way possible.

Find out more about the Elephant Sanctuary here. 

Other activities include:

The Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary is accessible only to our guests, giving travellers a secluded space to reconnect with nature in the company of their loved ones. The Elephant Camp West is part of The Elephant Camp Collection, but the intimate lodge caters exclusively to groups of friends and families with a secluded main area, dedicated guide, chef, host and private game vehicle. 


The exclusive-use itinerary ensures guests can explore the endless space on their terms. TripAdvisor rated The Elephant Camp as the seventh-best hotel in Africa for service. Our dedicated team is intuitive yet discreet, understanding that the experience is a chance to return to life’s simple pleasures and meaningful moments.

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Our products have a purpose. From community empowerment to conservation and culture, we create meaningful and enlightened travel experiences that enrich your experience while giving back to the legacies that make Victoria Falls so spectacular.

Get in touch to book your safari to Victoria Falls today and experience the abundant beauty Victoria Falls promises throughout the year.

Follow The River, Escape To Old Drift

Zambezi River Report

1 March 2021

The Zambezi River is rising at an exponential rate and here on the ground in Victoria Falls, there has been much speculation as to whether we might see a record high water level.

On the 1st of March 2021, the Zambezi River Level reached 1.85 meters at the Big Tree Hydrological Station in Victoria Falls.

There is currently 2 910 cubic meters of water flowing over the Victoria Falls PER SECOND, three times more than on the same date last year when 969 cubic meters cascaded over.

Further along, the Zambezi’s journey past Victoria Falls takes us to Lake Kariba, which has a surface area of 5000 square kilometres.

On the 28th of February, the Lake rose by 200mm in just 24 hours, a truly phenomenal amount considering the vastness of the Lake.

The highest level recorded over the last 20 years was in 2009 when the level was 2.63 on the 31st of March.

The three highest peaks over the last two decades have been:

13 March 2007: 2.34m

31 March 2009: 2.63m

5 May 2010: 2.45m

On the 5th of March, 2020, the river level peaked at 2.34 meters.


Zambezi river level March 2021

13 March 2007

31 March 2009

5 May 2010

Guess The Peak River Level For This Year And Win 1 Night For 2 At Old Drift Lodge!

Our curiosity is rising with the water and the Wild Horizons Team have been debating how high the river levels will get. We have decided to run a competition on our Facebook page, inviting our friends and followers to submit their guess-timate of how high the river might rise this year. The closest answer will win 1 night for 2 at the luxurious Old Drift Lodge, Victoria Falls!

*Terms & Conditions apply

private plunge pool seating area river view

Join the discussion and let us know what level YOU think the Zambezi will reach! The competition starts on Monday the 8th of March 2021 and in order to enter, you need to email your guess to before Sunday the 7th of March 2021.

A table of all the answers will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram Pages, as well as in this post. Every week we will post a photo of the Victoria Falls Hydrological Gauge so we can all track who might win.

You can not have the same guess as another entrant so keep an eye on the list to make sure you do not count yourself out! 

** The voucher is valid until 1 May 2022 and you can read our terms and conditions on the pinned post on our Facebook Page.

Submitted Estimates


Ridwana Janar: 2.35m
Andrea Brown: 2.47m
Namatai Moyo: 3m
Nadine du Plessis: 2.82m
Charles Chakanya: 3.2m
Shamiso Chikarate: 2.85m
Leanne Murray: 2.54m
Claire Ballantyne: 2.58m
Shannon O’Fee: 2.45m
Tara Maidwell: 2.64m
Lynette Haynes: 3.1m
Ali Steiner: 2.71m
Clara Heddebaut: 2.43m
Rick Brown: 2.66m
Tania Moldenhauer: 2.89m
Luke Dancer: 2.46m
Jenny Holman: 3.3m
Patrick Manyika: 2.68m
Tejal Ranchad: 2.98m
Leanne Rouokunis: 2.5m
Laurel Haley: 2.87m
Philip Zajac: 2.99m
Paul Hely: 2.58m
Nicole Sanderson: 2.69m
Richard Tumner: 2.75m
Irma Hodgson: 2.67
Cecilia Hodgson: 2.79
Hazel Farie: 2.91
Wes Howe: 2.48
Bob Hindle: 2.81
Sarah Whitehead: 2.96
Lindi Hebbel: 2.85
Ernst Hebbel: 2.77
Owen Murphy: 3.3m


Valerie Muyumbo: 2.23m
Jaelle Rowland: 2.73m
Jules Thomas: 2.88m
Michael deBeer: 2.63m
Mette Knerr: 2.57m
Caroline Huntley-Walker: 2.83m
Gerald Van Rensberg: 2.83m
Fiona Mason: 3.4m
Mags Varley: 2.93m
Masola Bonani: 2.71m
Amanda Ncube: 1.98m
Liz Paterson: 2.15m
Thubalethu Ndlovu: 2.7m
Dumo Moyo: 2.82m
Daniel Jones: 2.56m
Allison Dwyer: 2.91m
Vince Manning: 2.88m
Melissa Gaza: 2.18m
Amanda Beverley: 2.72m
Fenny Chitengu: 2.28m
Angie Dimitis: 2.56m

The Happiness Reset: The Power of Negative Ions

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of emotional, physical and mental wellness during times of crisis. We crave places that will rejuvenate our hearts and minds, giving us the chance to rediscover the restorative healing power of nature. The Victoria Falls inspires a deep and natural sense of being. The empowering energy that charges through the rainforest can be explained by the presence of negative ions. These powerful molecules are the hydraulic equivalent of fireworks, explaining why we feel uplifted by thunderstorms and inspired by waterfalls. Visit our blog to discover more about The Positive Impact Of Negative Ions and how Victoria Falls can rejuvenate and inspire.

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Make February Unforgettable With a Valentine’s Month Special | Old Drift Lodge

couple on zambezi river banks romantic picnic

Our Valentine’s Special is an all-inclusive romantic retreat to the award-winning Old Drift Lodge for only $250 per person per night.
The special is valid for bookings throughout the month of February 2021 so you can save now and stay later.

Old Drift Lodge - Victoria Falls

Fall In Love With Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls… the very name of the town is romantic. It brings to mind waterfalls framed by the arch of a rainbow, night skies sequined with stars, the gentle gait of wildlife roaming across the wilderness. Old Drift Lodge is the pearl in the centre of these natural gems, where a bygone era of safari romance and meditative luxury come together in an authentic wilderness experience. It is against this spectacular setting that we launch our first Valentine’s Special to make this occasion is a standout memory in the hearts of all who stay with us.

Soul-Soothing Suites 

Our luxury river-facing suites are an exclusive haven for each couple. Each suite at Old Drift Lodge includes an elegant lounge and a spacious bathroom. The four-poster bed takes pride and centre in front of glass sliding doors, through which natural light streams into the room.

private lounge area in luxury suite
four poster bed overlooking Zambezi River

The outdoor claw-footed bath is the epitome of Valentine’s romance 

With a flute of champagne and a tub full of bubbles, it is an essential Instagram picture for all our guests at Old Drift Lodge. Spacious enough for two and positioned so that you feel the warm sun on your shoulders or see the moon reflected in the ripples of the river, the special spot is in itself the ultimate Valentine’s accessory.

girl drinking champagne in outdoor bubble bath
private plunge pool seating area river view

The bath shares an expansive balcony with a private plunge pool, sitting area, sun loungers and an outdoor shower.

With a stocked mini-fridge, ice machine and opulent finishing touches, it is tempting to spend the weekend cocooned in the sanctuary of the suites.

However, our all-inclusive gourmet meals, Valentine’s Special surprises and activities will ignite a sense of adventure that is impossible to ignore. 

Tailor-Make You Perfect Day At Old Drift Lodge

Couples are invited to be the co-creators of their safari experience, venturing beyond the classic Victoria Falls itinerary to explore indigenous tree planting, champagne sunsets, a guided tour of the rainforest and restorative river safaris.

Cocktails and canapés on the banks of the Zambezi are a highlight for everyone who visits Old Drift Lodge. Our team creates an oasis on the white sandy riverbank, where couples indulge in our chefs spread of snacks while sunset stains fill the sky before melting into the Zambezi. Old Drift Lodge is the perfect place to make sure Valentine’s is a special and exclusive occasion.

couple touring Victoria Falls
cocktails and canape sundowner on Zambezi River
man and women romantic sunset cruise

The Best Safari Retreat In Victoria Falls

TripAdvisor rated Old Drift Lodge as the 7th best small hotel in the whole of Africa, as well as the seventh-best hotel for service in Africa. Our dedicated team is intuitive yet discreet, understanding that the experience is a chance to return to life’s simple pleasures and meaningful moments.

This once-in-a-lifetime romantic retreat has never been more affordable. For only $250 per person per night, couple’s will be treated to:

  • A luxury river-facing suite, including romantic turndowns with complimentary champagne
  • A morning/afternoon game drive in the National Park
  • A morning or afternoon Zambezi River safari 
  • An indigenous tree-planting ceremony 
  • All gourmet meals and drinks (excluding premium brands) 
  • A guided tour of the Victoria Falls rainforest
  • A romantic beach picnic with cocktails and canapés on the banks of the Zambezi River 
  • Airport transfers 

Save Now, Stay Later – The Special is Valid For All February Bookings!

The special is valid for the entire month of February 2021. With only 14 suites strung along the river, Old Drift Lodge is characterized by exclusivity and intimacy. However, bookings do fill up fast, and this weekend of a lifetime in Victoria Falls should not be missed. Please email to discover more about our Valentine’s Special.

We recommend a minimum two-night stay.

Get in touch to discover more

13 + 14 =

Beyond The Challenges, Our Passion & Purpose Prevails

From the Zambezi River to the surrounding National Parks, Wild Horizons is wholeheartedly invested in Africa’s pristine and unique natural beauty. We work tirelessly to preserve and protect the environment in every dimension of the business, sharing the benefits of ecotourism with the communities we work alongside. 

Our eco-initiatives and empowerment projects have continued despite the downturn in tourism as a result of the global pandemic. We are excited to share with you, two awards we recently received. 

Travelife Partner Status Award

Wild Horizons is proud to announce that we have achieved the Travelife Partner Award in recognition of our long-term efforts and frontrunner position regarding sustainability and innovative ecotourism. We have been pioneering a greener way to travel for over 30 years and are the first organization in Victoria Falls and the second in Zimbabwe to receive this award.

Mr Naut Kusters, manager of Travelife for tour operators stated,

I am delighted to see that sustainability in the tour operators sector is obtaining momentum. The award of the first few tourism companies in Zimbabwe sets an example for the whole Zimbabwean tourism sector. It will inspire other companies to follow the same path.

Naut Kusters

Manager Of Travelife For Tour Operators, Travelife

Wild Horizons complies with more than 100 criteria, related to our office management, product range, international business partners and customer information.

Environmental Management Agency Conservation & Community Empowerment Award

environmental awards wild horizons
The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and The Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe (CSRNZ) celebrate excellence in sustainable development through awards to the lead performers in this trajectory. 
Wild Horizons received this award in recognition of our positive impact on Zimbabwe’s sustainable development by contributing to the country’s vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.
This award is inspired by:

Sustainable Management

The immense contribution and involvement in the sustainable management of the environment

Best Business

Adoption of best business practices in every dimension of the organization 

Uplifting Communities

Uplifting and empowering local communities in the region 

Growing Zimbabwe's Economy

Growing Zimbabwe’s economy by contributing to the country’s vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Everything that we do is guided by our core ethos to protect and preserve the environment while sharing the benefits of ecotourism with the Victoria Falls community. Tourism is the life-giving force for the conservation of iconic areas. When you travel with Wild Horizons, you leave Victoria Falls having made a lasting contribution to its natural and cultural legacies. Discover more about our on-going conservation and community empowerment projects in the video below.

As we reflect on the year and look beyond the challenges our industry has faced, we are reminded how much we have to be grateful for. Together with our travellers and partners, we are all making a difference and we will continue to do so in the decades to come. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Elephant Art Safari

The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Art of Africa have teamed up to create an eco-conscious and unique elephant experience, brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips, while surrounded by the African bush.

Guests will be provided with canvas, paintbrushes and paint. A private tutor will guide them as they paint the resident herd of elephant while learning about the rescue-rehabilitate-release program. 

Cultural Connections

Clients are taken to an authentic rural village approximately 20km from Victoria Falls town where they are given the opportunity to watch local villagers going about their daily tasks.

The tour enables the client to see rural life first hand; visiting rural homes, watching their fields being tended and possibly getting the chance to help in some of the day-to-day chores. Meet the village chief and learn about the way of life from him.

Home Hosted Meal

We pioneered and continue to facilitate home-hosted meals to create a space within which our team can share their heritage and pass on cultural knowledge to people visiting the region. Wild Horizons provides transport, mineral water and soft drinks, and the host family prepares and shares a meal with their guests. The fee of this activity provides an additional source of income to the family, and promotes an appreciation of local cultures that enrich our guests own travel experience.

Shop With Purpose

Through the Pay It Forward activity offered by Wild Horizons, holiday makers can make their journey ever more meaningful. Teach your family that gratitude is the best gift one can receive by helping an organisation in need, be it an orphanage, old age home or local clinic. Wild Horizons will give you a “wish list” compiled by the organisation, and a mission to fulfil it by exploring the unique markets dotted around the town.

You will then be transported to the organisation to deliver you goods and meet the strangers whose day you have brightened.

Travel Updates | Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana | Wild Horizons

If ever there was a destination that assured travellers of wide-open spaces, it is undeniably Victoria Falls. The reopening of International Airports is a defining moment for the travel industry, and as borders open, we have the thrilling opportunity to escape to vast wilderness areas.

Over the year, we have had time to dream, and now it is time to move into the planning phase of your safari escape. Here is what you need to know about travelling to Victoria Falls.

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Dusty Road Victoria Falls

I started this blog with the words, “The first thing I noticed about Dusty Road..” and then my fingers froze over my keyboard. Because when I...

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Our products have a purpose. From community empowerment to conservation and culture, we create meaningful and enlightened travel experiences that enrich your experience while giving back to the legacies that make Victoria Falls so spectacular.

Get in touch to book your safari to Victoria Falls today and experience the abundant beauty Victoria Falls promises throughout the year.

Negative Ions Inspire Positive Vibes | Victoria Falls

The Positive Impact of Negative Ions: Your Wellness Safari In Victoria Falls

When you step into a raw, natural space, something shifts – emotionally, physically and mentally. Nature inspires a sense of empowerment and tranquillity, igniting an electrifying paradox of sensations. Anyone who has done a tour of the Victoria Falls rainforest will understand the intoxicating feeling, but not everyone understands what causes this euphoric state. Beyond the beauty of this Natural Wonder, there is something else at work here – negative ions.

Couple enjoying negative ions Victoria Falls rainforest

What is the Difference Between Positive and Negative Ions? 

Quite simply, positive ions have lost one or more electrons, whereas negative ions have gained electrons. Though we might assume that ‘positive’ is synonymous with ‘better’, the true meaning of these terms have collapsed into their connotations and can cause confusion. Negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels. This helps to:

  • Alleviate depression
  • Relieve stress
  • Boost our daytime energy

Positive ions, on the other hand, have lost their electrical charge and the benefits that go with it.

Negative ions are created as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water. This is why we feel uplifted by thunderstorms and inspired by waterfalls.

Woman surrounded by negative ions from Victoria Falls waterfall

Negative Ions Make You More Alert And Energetic

The environment in urban areas disrupts the delicate balance of ions. Artificial lighting and air conditioners deplete negative ions, causing people to feel lethargic and demotivated. Throughout lockdown, people have navigated the world from behind screens that bombard us with positive ions. A safari in Victoria Falls will influence your health measurably and positively. It is more than the roar of rushing water or the beauty of a rainbow on rainless afternoons – a safari in Victoria Falls is health generating as well as breathtaking. Now more than ever, we need to escape toxic environments for the healing power of nature.

Waterfalls and rapids are the hydraulic equivalents of fireworks. Whether you are rafting down white water rapids, or even swimming above the Victoria Falls in Devil’s Pool, negative ions will generate an increased flow of oxygen to the brain to make you more alert and energetic.

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Our products have a purpose. From community empowerment to conservation and culture, we create meaningful and enlightened travel experiences that enrich your experience while giving back to the legacies that make Victoria Falls so spectacular.

Get in touch to book your safari to Victoria Falls today and experience the abundant beauty Victoria Falls promises throughout the year.