6 Do’s & Don’ts in Victoria Falls

Everything I Wish I Knew The First Time I Visited Vic Falls

The moment I stepped off the air-conditioned plane, the Victoria Falls heat wrapped itself around me like a heavy hug from a long lost friend. A smile broke across my face and I felt my muscles instantly relax- this was my third visit to the Adventure Capital of Africa and after having spent some spectacular time there, I have boiled my experiences down into 6 ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ that I wish I had known the first time around.

1). Do eat a Mopani Worm, a local Zimbabwean delicacy 

No, the heat hasn’t completely scorched my mind- you did just read ‘worm’. It may sound bizarre (and trust me, it feels bizarre too) but what a fun experience and an even more fun conversation starter! Crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, the texture resembles a fried chip, but it tastes a bit like burnt chicken skin. Don’t knock it until you have tried it – visit Dusty Road or The Boma for the best Mopane worms in town!

2). Don’t forget your camera cover when you go to the rainforest

I learnt this lesson the hard way. During high water, you are engulfed by a plume of mist and utterly drenched the moment you venture under the canopy of rainforest trees. But don’t let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security during low water, because even then the massive cascade of water will send a sudden surge of vapour onto bystanders, and you don’t want to be caught with your lens out like I was!

Find out more about the different seasons in Victoria Falls here. 

**Pro tip- Go to the rainforest during the afternoon when it is less crowded, and the magnificent colours of the rainbows are made even more vivid under the blazing sun. It is always a good idea to go with a tour guide who can explain the geological and historical significance of this exquisite natural world wonder. 

4). Don’t schedule your time too rigidly

On my first trip, I underestimated how much there was to do in Victoria Falls. If you enjoy spontaneity as much as I do, make sure that you have cleared some time in your itinerary for the unexpected adventures that pop up, like a leisurely lunch at the Lookout Café after a planned gorge swing, or a slow stroll through the famous Shona sculptures in the curio markets dotted around town.

5). Do your research!

The Zambezi River levels fluctuate seasonally and dictate what activities are open. I have been rafting twice, once during high water and once in the low water season. While both were amazing, the sheer volume of water in the river corridor during high season mellowed the rapids out, and so this trip did not reach the same heights on my thrill-meter as the intense low water expedition. If you go when the water levels are very high, then you may find that the rapids are actually closed. However, other activities, such as the helicopter flight and the high wire activities are enhanced by high water because of that incredible backdrop created by the cloud of mist (famously known as the Smoke That Thunders’).

Get in touch with one of our Victoria Falls experts for all the ‘need-to-knows’ so that you can check off everything on your bucket list during your holiday! 

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Our products have a purpose. From community empowerment to conservation and culture, we create meaningful and enlightened travel experiences that enrich your experience while giving back to the legacies that make Victoria Falls so spectacular.

Get in touch to book your safari to Victoria Falls today and experience the abundant beauty Victoria Falls promises throughout the year.

6). My final and most important do

Do go to Victoria Falls!

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How Do You Define Adventure?

Why is Victoria Falls ‘Africa’s Adventure Capital?’

If you type ‘Victoria Falls’ into your search engine, one phrase constantly pops up- “The Adventure Capital of Africa”. When you eventually arrive, it will feel as though you have stepped through your computer screen into this fantastical, exhilarating world.

There seems to be no limit to the adrenaline-inducing activities you can do in Victoria Falls, but this is not the only reason the town is known as Africa’s Adventure Capital. Wild Horizons have transformed everyday activities into unique and memorable moments.

Make Every Meal Memorable

Instead of a quick sandwich at a street-side, carbon copy café, venture onto the edge of the gorge, where The Lookout Café is perched 120 meters above the Zambezi River rapids. Or, spend an evening on The Malachite Dinner Cruise, silently slicing across the river while dining on grilled Zambezi bream. The mist from the waterfall curls around the Victoria Falls Bridge, while excitement vibrates through the air from the adjacent highwire activities. Every meal is a sensory overload infused with the essence of adventure.

Explore Culture In Craft & Curio Markets

‘Shop With Purpose’ and support local artists in the craft and curio markets. The markets are mosaics of local art, a kaleidoscope of color from the bold Chitenge material and bright beadwork. Malachite bowls are dotted along the mat-covered ground, like stunning green flowers bursting through the earth. Roaming among these are intricate wood carvings of rhino, hippo, elephant and antelope. Handcrafted and lovingly made, the curious represent a tangible memory from your holiday.

Visit the local food markets where hessian sacks spill their contents like jewels from a treasure chest.  Sample crunchy Mopane Worms, roasted peanuts and other local delicacies. Learn about different traditional cooking techniques and ingredients while you experience a new style of grocery shopping.

Art and Craft Shopping at local Victoria Falls markets

Bike tours

Embark on a bicycle tour with friends and family, and you will experience nature in a more cognizant way. A bike tour encourages you to engage your senses and your tour guide will reveal the hidden gems you may have never noticed. For example, instead of driving past the ‘Big Tree’, an ancient Baobab, you will stop to sample the addictively sour ‘cream of tartar’ while listening to an African fable about the ‘Upside Down Tree’. Peddle over the bridge that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia, feeling a playful spritz from mist from the Victoria Falls. Veer along the gorge and cycle through the cradle of nature. Leave the well-worn path and follow animal corridors on this easy, family friendly adventure.

Tailor Make Your Victoria Falls Adventure

Your idea of adventure might be rafting the best white water rapids on the planet.

It could be the thrill of hearing, seeing and feeling nothing but the power of a waterfall surge around you in the rainforest.

Maybe your sense of adventure can be felt in a cultural connection.

Every definition of the word is a characteristic of Victoria Falls, The Adventure Capital of an adventure-crazed world. Get in touch with our adventure experts to create your perfect adventure.

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Our products have a purpose. From community empowerment to conservation and culture, we create meaningful and enlightened travel experiences that enrich your experience while giving back to the legacies that make Victoria Falls so spectacular.

Get in touch to book your safari to Victoria Falls today and experience the abundant beauty Victoria Falls promises throughout the year.

Why Celebrities Love Victoria Falls (And You Will Too)

A world-famous mixed martial artist, the star of ‘The Bachelor SA’, and Paris Hilton all walk into a restaurant… There’s no punch line. We’re just filling you in on our last few weeks at The Lookout Café. 

A New Travel Trend Has Emerged And Victoria Falls Is Ready For It!

It is a big wide world out there, filled with incredible scenery, fascinating history and cultural diversity. So if you could choose to travel to any destination on earth, where would you go? When everywhere was an option, Paris Hilton, Carla Esparaza and Marc Buckner made Victoria Falls their choice.

We have entered an era of travel where space is the new luxury, and travellers value authentic, enriching experiences over extravagance and opulence. You no longer need an unlimited budget to follow in a celebrity’s footsteps. Famous or not, the town will warmly welcome you on a life-changing journey.

Nothing can distract you from The Lookout Café view. Except maybe Paris Hilton

There is a certain reaction that the Lookout Café Team eagerly anticipate whenever a guest arrives at the restaurant – the moment their expression transforms as they walk to the edge of the main dining area, and realize they are perched on the rim of a massive gorge as the Zambezi River froths below.

The staff are used to seeing awe-struck expressions, but last week, it was their jaws that dropped when Pairs Hilton strolled into the Café with her fiancé Carter Reum. The couple posed for photos with other diners, took videos of the view and then ventured down to the highwire activities for a Gorge Swing and Tandem Zip Line adventure, later commenting on Instagram,

“Best time ever!!! Can’t wait to come back and do it again!”

paris hilton in victoria falls lookout cafe
paris hilton victoria falls gorge swing
paris hilton carter reum lookout cafe victoria falls

They fell in love on ‘The Bachelor’ – Now The Elephant Camp has captured their hearts

During the final episode of “The Bachelor SA”, Marc Buckner gave Marisia Van Wyk the ring, and they strolled into the sunset together… The adventures didn’t stop there! The couple recently spent an adventure-filled few days at Wild Horizons’ flagship lodge, The Elephant Camp, during their trip to Victoria Falls in June.

celebrity accomodation victoria falls

 The Elephant Camp Experience

The Elephant Camp takes guests beyond the classic safari experience with inclusive activities that highlight the historical and natural legacies in Victoria Falls.

Marc and Marisia formed cultural connections on the Village Tour, got creative while learning about conservation on the Elephant Art Safari, and enjoyed cocktails and canapés on the edge of the gorge (the sundowner spot is a hidden gem that guests staying at The Elephant Camp have exclusive access to!).

A trip to Victoria Falls wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe, a celebrity hot-spot in Africa;s Adventure Capial

Lunch at the Lookout Café is also part of The Elephant Camp package and, like Paris and Carter, Marc and Marisia daringly did the Gorge Swing and Zip Line while there! They made the most of every moment during their stay, and captured their journey through a series of Instagram stories. Check out some of their highlights in the video compilation below!

lookout cafe victoria falls

Carla Esparaza was another famous face in everyone’s favourite place

Carla Esparaza is a professional mixed martial artist who competes in the Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In her training, Carla takes her body and mind to extraordinary places, and she does the same thing when choosing where to holiday! The famous grappler showed us just how light on her feet she can be when she soared through the air on the Gorge Swing, before enjoying a moonlit dinner at the Lookout Café.


The Lookout is a bucket list experience in a bucket list destination

Over the past year, social media was our window into the world, showing us the incredible places we could visit when travel resumed. Now that time has come. You could scroll your way around the earth countless times, but there is no destination quite like Victoria Falls. And it is clear to see that in a bucket-list destination, the Lookout Café has become a bucket-list experience.

carla esperaza victoria falls

Other celebrities who have visited Victoria Falls over the years

The Lookout Cafe

Find out more about the Lookout Cafe on our website, or get in touch to make a reservation at this Victoria Falls landmark restaurant!

Wild Times Newsletter – April 2021

Reflecting On A Transformative Year 

When we sat down to write this edition of the Wild Times, we had to stop and double-check that it really is April already! The year seems to be flying by, yet so much has happened in the space of three months. In addition to Travel Updates, this newsletter is also going to cover:

Before we dive in, we would like to share some exciting news regarding vaccinations for Zimbabwe’s Tourism Sector. 


Zimbabwe’s Tourism Sector Receives the Vaccines


The rolling out of vaccines to Zimbabwe’s tourism sector is a defining moment for the industry and for our Wild Horizons Team. It is a turning point for Victoria Falls, signaling the beginning to the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are doing everything in our power to create a safe environment for our guests and employees so we can share and travel the world confidently and safely”, says the Wild Horizons Health & Safety Officer, Leandrah Muza. “As a nation, we need to be proactive in the fight against COVID-19.”

This is an important step on the road to recovery. Adventures are on our horizons and hope is in our hearts as we stand together to overcome the pandemic.

In Partnership With Nature

Operating in such beautiful environments comes with the responsibility to protect our natural resources, enhance conservation efforts and pioneer a greener way to travel.

Our lodges are built and managed in the most eco-friendly way possible, and our activities emphasise the stunning landscapes around us while treading lightly upon them.

While our dedication to sustainable travel is clear to see in the way we operate, there is also important work happening behind the scenes to preserve the wild spaces that we, and our guests, love. One such initiative is our indigenous tree-planting program.

To rehabilitate areas that were once denuded of trees by uncontrolled harvesting, indigenous trees are planted in a nursery at The Elephant Camp, and when well enough established, transferred to sites in need of rehabilitation.


Trees Planted Since 2019

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.


When considering the impact of climate change on a global scale, it is easy to fall into a ‘drop-in-the-ocean’ way of thinking. But research and experience have taught us that we do have the power to make a difference. The Guardian article, ‘Tree Planting has Mind-Blowing Potential to Tackle Climate Crisis’, highlights the enormous potential that a simple tree-planting strategy could have for our planet.


“New research estimates that a worldwide planting programme could remove two-thirds of all the emissions that have been pumped into the atmosphere by human activities, a figure the scientists describe as “mind-blowing”.

When we plant trees from our nursery, we do so knowing that we may never sit in their shade or see their beautiful green leaves against a blue sky. But there is enough reward in the feel of soil between our palms, the botanical scent in our lungs, and in the knowledge that together, we will make a difference.

Ross’s Turaco

Location: Zambezi National Park, Victoria Falls

Photographer: Charles Brightman

This is THE ONLY photograph of a Ross’s Turaco taken in Zimbabwe!
The image of this rare and beautiful bird was captured by Professional Guide, Charles Brightman
of Discover Victoria Falls.
On the 25th of February, Charles spotted the elusive Ross’s Turaco in Victoria Falls
Twitchers flocked to the town – some were rewarded and others, while waiting for the bird, had a leopard stroll across the road.
That is the beauty of a safari… you never know what to expect!

Intelligent Elephant 

Location: Old Drift Lodge, Victoria Falls

Photographer: Vusa Sibanda

Elephant are incredibly intelligent animals

After investigating the tap for a while, this bull managed to work out how to turn it on and off. After several attempts, he earned a trunkful of freshwater.

We are so privileged to spend time surrounded by incredible wildlife and wilderness at Old Drift Lodge.

Follow the links below to discover more about Old Drift Lodge.

This month we are shining a spotlight on the accommodation and activities that give back to community and conservation.

1). Get Close to Nature On A Bird Watching Safari

After the amazing Ross’s Turaco sighting, it seemed only fitting that our top wildlife activity for April is the Bird Watching Safari. The Safari combines walking and driving to cover as much ground as possible while seeking out different species and habitats. This is an intimate way to connect with nature, exercising all your senses to appreciate life on a smaller scale.

Over 415 species of birds have been recorded in the diverse habitats in and around Victoria Falls. Get in touch to book your safari today.

Pay It Forward: Enrich Your Journey & Empower The Community


Victoria Falls will give you life-changing experiences, staggering views and lifelong memories. When you travel with Wild Horizons, you have the opportunity to give something back to the local community in our special town.


Our Pay It Forward Initiative inspires positive action and allows guests to enrich their journey while making a positive impact.


  • From a list of registered charitable organizations, guests will select a cause they would like to support.
  • Armed with a list of ‘wishes’, the guests will be transported by a driver to various markets in the area. As they explore the stalls and meet the vendors, they will gather the items on the list and connect with local people, discover hidden gems in the less-visited parts of town, and immerse themselves in a different style of grocery shopping.
  • Guests will then visit their selected organization to deliver the goods and meet the people they would have helped.


This experience digs beneath Victoria Falls’ surface to give guests a unique insight into the town while empowering those in need. When we travel with purpose, we can make a meaningful difference to our lives and the local communities’ lives.

Guests will take unforgettable memories home with them, while also leaving something good behind.


Hospitality With Heart at The Elephant Camp

We chose The Elephant Camp as our top lodge pick this month because it is located on the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary, adjacent to our indigenous tree nursery.

Resting lightly on 4500 acres of private wilderness, The Elephant Camp has always been synonymous with exclusive experiences. Mindful of the challenges of a transformative year, The Elephant Camp West epitomises the future of safaris under canvas, offering guests a sanctuary that harnesses the healing power of nature.

The Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary is accessible only to our guests, giving travellers a secluded space to reconnect with nature in the company of their loved ones. The Elephant Camp West caters exclusively to groups of friends and families with a secluded main area, dedicated guide, chef, host and private game vehicle.

Discover more on our blog or visit the website to start exploring this intimate and exclusive lodge. 


Discover More About The Bird Watching Safari

Discover More About Our Pay It Forward Initiative 

Discover More About The Elephant Camp

Travel Requirements for Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana

 As more people receive the vaccine, the world is moving from dreaming to the planning phase of their next safari adventure. Our travel requirements blog post has all the need-to-know information for visiting Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. And the Wild Horizons Team is always ready to assist in planning your holiday-of-a-lifetime.

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Make February Unforgettable With a Valentine’s Month Special | Old Drift Lodge

couple on zambezi river banks romantic picnic

Our Valentine’s Special is an all-inclusive romantic retreat to the award-winning Old Drift Lodge for only $250 per person per night.
The special is valid for bookings throughout the month of February 2021 so you can save now and stay later.

Old Drift Lodge - Victoria Falls

Fall In Love With Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls… the very name of the town is romantic. It brings to mind waterfalls framed by the arch of a rainbow, night skies sequined with stars, the gentle gait of wildlife roaming across the wilderness. Old Drift Lodge is the pearl in the centre of these natural gems, where a bygone era of safari romance and meditative luxury come together in an authentic wilderness experience. It is against this spectacular setting that we launch our first Valentine’s Special to make this occasion is a standout memory in the hearts of all who stay with us.

Soul-Soothing Suites 

Our luxury river-facing suites are an exclusive haven for each couple. Each suite at Old Drift Lodge includes an elegant lounge and a spacious bathroom. The four-poster bed takes pride and centre in front of glass sliding doors, through which natural light streams into the room.

private lounge area in luxury suite
four poster bed overlooking Zambezi River

The outdoor claw-footed bath is the epitome of Valentine’s romance 

With a flute of champagne and a tub full of bubbles, it is an essential Instagram picture for all our guests at Old Drift Lodge. Spacious enough for two and positioned so that you feel the warm sun on your shoulders or see the moon reflected in the ripples of the river, the special spot is in itself the ultimate Valentine’s accessory.

girl drinking champagne in outdoor bubble bath
private plunge pool seating area river view

The bath shares an expansive balcony with a private plunge pool, sitting area, sun loungers and an outdoor shower.

With a stocked mini-fridge, ice machine and opulent finishing touches, it is tempting to spend the weekend cocooned in the sanctuary of the suites.

However, our all-inclusive gourmet meals, Valentine’s Special surprises and activities will ignite a sense of adventure that is impossible to ignore. 

Tailor-Make You Perfect Day At Old Drift Lodge

Couples are invited to be the co-creators of their safari experience, venturing beyond the classic Victoria Falls itinerary to explore indigenous tree planting, champagne sunsets, a guided tour of the rainforest and restorative river safaris.

Cocktails and canapés on the banks of the Zambezi are a highlight for everyone who visits Old Drift Lodge. Our team creates an oasis on the white sandy riverbank, where couples indulge in our chefs spread of snacks while sunset stains fill the sky before melting into the Zambezi. Old Drift Lodge is the perfect place to make sure Valentine’s is a special and exclusive occasion.

couple touring Victoria Falls
cocktails and canape sundowner on Zambezi River
man and women romantic sunset cruise

The Best Safari Retreat In Victoria Falls

TripAdvisor rated Old Drift Lodge as the 7th best small hotel in the whole of Africa, as well as the seventh-best hotel for service in Africa. Our dedicated team is intuitive yet discreet, understanding that the experience is a chance to return to life’s simple pleasures and meaningful moments.

This once-in-a-lifetime romantic retreat has never been more affordable. For only $250 per person per night, couple’s will be treated to:

  • A luxury river-facing suite, including romantic turndowns with complimentary champagne
  • A morning/afternoon game drive in the National Park
  • A morning or afternoon Zambezi River safari 
  • An indigenous tree-planting ceremony 
  • All gourmet meals and drinks (excluding premium brands) 
  • A guided tour of the Victoria Falls rainforest
  • A romantic beach picnic with cocktails and canapés on the banks of the Zambezi River 
  • Airport transfers 

Save Now, Stay Later – The Special is Valid For All February Bookings!

The special is valid for the entire month of February 2021. With only 14 suites strung along the river, Old Drift Lodge is characterized by exclusivity and intimacy. However, bookings do fill up fast, and this weekend of a lifetime in Victoria Falls should not be missed. Please email info@wildhorizons.co.zw to discover more about our Valentine’s Special.

We recommend a minimum two-night stay.

Get in touch to discover more

1 + 2 =

Beyond The Challenges, Our Passion & Purpose Prevails

From the Zambezi River to the surrounding National Parks, Wild Horizons is wholeheartedly invested in Africa’s pristine and unique natural beauty. We work tirelessly to preserve and protect the environment in every dimension of the business, sharing the benefits of ecotourism with the communities we work alongside. 

Our eco-initiatives and empowerment projects have continued despite the downturn in tourism as a result of the global pandemic. We are excited to share with you, two awards we recently received. 

Travelife Partner Status Award

Wild Horizons is proud to announce that we have achieved the Travelife Partner Award in recognition of our long-term efforts and frontrunner position regarding sustainability and innovative ecotourism. We have been pioneering a greener way to travel for over 30 years and are the first organization in Victoria Falls and the second in Zimbabwe to receive this award.

Mr Naut Kusters, manager of Travelife for tour operators stated,

I am delighted to see that sustainability in the tour operators sector is obtaining momentum. The award of the first few tourism companies in Zimbabwe sets an example for the whole Zimbabwean tourism sector. It will inspire other companies to follow the same path.

Naut Kusters

Manager Of Travelife For Tour Operators, Travelife

Wild Horizons complies with more than 100 criteria, related to our office management, product range, international business partners and customer information.

Environmental Management Agency Conservation & Community Empowerment Award

environmental awards wild horizons
The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and The Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe (CSRNZ) celebrate excellence in sustainable development through awards to the lead performers in this trajectory. 
Wild Horizons received this award in recognition of our positive impact on Zimbabwe’s sustainable development by contributing to the country’s vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.
This award is inspired by:

Sustainable Management

The immense contribution and involvement in the sustainable management of the environment

Best Business

Adoption of best business practices in every dimension of the organization 

Uplifting Communities

Uplifting and empowering local communities in the region 

Growing Zimbabwe's Economy

Growing Zimbabwe’s economy by contributing to the country’s vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

Everything that we do is guided by our core ethos to protect and preserve the environment while sharing the benefits of ecotourism with the Victoria Falls community. Tourism is the life-giving force for the conservation of iconic areas. When you travel with Wild Horizons, you leave Victoria Falls having made a lasting contribution to its natural and cultural legacies. Discover more about our on-going conservation and community empowerment projects in the video below.

As we reflect on the year and look beyond the challenges our industry has faced, we are reminded how much we have to be grateful for. Together with our travellers and partners, we are all making a difference and we will continue to do so in the decades to come. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Elephant Art Safari

The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Art of Africa have teamed up to create an eco-conscious and unique elephant experience, brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips, while surrounded by the African bush.

Guests will be provided with canvas, paintbrushes and paint. A private tutor will guide them as they paint the resident herd of elephant while learning about the rescue-rehabilitate-release program. 

Cultural Connections

Clients are taken to an authentic rural village approximately 20km from Victoria Falls town where they are given the opportunity to watch local villagers going about their daily tasks.

The tour enables the client to see rural life first hand; visiting rural homes, watching their fields being tended and possibly getting the chance to help in some of the day-to-day chores. Meet the village chief and learn about the way of life from him.

Home Hosted Meal

We pioneered and continue to facilitate home-hosted meals to create a space within which our team can share their heritage and pass on cultural knowledge to people visiting the region. Wild Horizons provides transport, mineral water and soft drinks, and the host family prepares and shares a meal with their guests. The fee of this activity provides an additional source of income to the family, and promotes an appreciation of local cultures that enrich our guests own travel experience.

Shop With Purpose

Through the Pay It Forward activity offered by Wild Horizons, holiday makers can make their journey ever more meaningful. Teach your family that gratitude is the best gift one can receive by helping an organisation in need, be it an orphanage, old age home or local clinic. Wild Horizons will give you a “wish list” compiled by the organisation, and a mission to fulfil it by exploring the unique markets dotted around the town.

You will then be transported to the organisation to deliver you goods and meet the strangers whose day you have brightened.

Travel Updates | Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana | Wild Horizons

If ever there was a destination that assured travellers of wide-open spaces, it is undeniably Victoria Falls. The reopening of International Airports is a defining moment for the travel industry, and as borders open, we have the thrilling opportunity to escape to vast wilderness areas.

Over the year, we have had time to dream, and now it is time to move into the planning phase of your safari escape. Here is what you need to know about travelling to Victoria Falls.

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Dusty Road Victoria Falls

I started this blog with the words, “The first thing I noticed about Dusty Road..” and then my fingers froze over my keyboard. Because when I...

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Our products have a purpose. From community empowerment to conservation and culture, we create meaningful and enlightened travel experiences that enrich your experience while giving back to the legacies that make Victoria Falls so spectacular.

Get in touch to book your safari to Victoria Falls today and experience the abundant beauty Victoria Falls promises throughout the year.