#1 See the Mighty Victoria Falls

The sheer power of the Zambezi water cascading over the cliff into the gorge below and sending sprays of water over the rainforest is spectacularly beautiful and restores an inherent love of nature. It is the awe that you feel seeing the power of Nature at its best. The views, the Rainbow ever-present, the humidity, the feel, it’s really breathtaking and a ‘must’ on any bucket list.


  • The Zimbabwe side of the Falls offers the most impressive views of the Main Falls.
  • No matter the time of the year you may get wet! It is hot in Zimbabwe so many find it refreshing but ensure your camera gear/ cellphone/passport is protected with a ziplock for wet areas and try not to wear anything that may become sheer.
  • Bring water, the cost of water is more expensive on site than if you buy it else where before arriving.
  • Wear good walking shoes, especially important for the wet areas that could be slippery.
  • The walk back through the rainforest is beautiful but it is long! It’s a very relaxing walk with benches to stop at along the way and the path is nice and wide and smooth!
  • Rainbows are cool. But what trumps rainbows? Moon-bows. If you visit Victoria Falls during a full moon, the light of the moon through the waterfall’s spray produces a lunar rainbow, or moon-bow.
  •  If you can afford it get a guide, they tell you so much about the History of the Falls and the surrounding Area than what you can figure out for yourself from just visiting.

Coming soon #2  on our list of the seven wonders of Victoria Falls: Raft the mighty Zambezi!

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