White Water Rafting

The wildest white water in the world, White Water Rafting on the Zambezi River is an adrenaline rush not to be missed.

White Water Rafting

Victoria Falls is a mile long curtain of water that stretches across the glistening basalt rock, erupts into spray, and then thunders into the canyons below. The walls of basalt rock that capture the mighty Zambezi form one of the great river corridors of the world. This is the domain of the Nyaminyami, the River God of the Tonga people and is the ‘highway’ for our rafts. The gorge is over 100 meters deep at the Falls and increases to over 200 meters by the end of a full day White Water Rafting trip. Despite this rugged terrain, the gorges below the Falls are thick with vegetation and incredibly spectacular.

The rapids on the Zambezi River are officially defined as “Grade 5” by the British Canoe Union (Grade 6 being commercially un-runnable). Clients should be reasonably fit for this activity, as there is a steep walk into & out of the Batoka Gorge as well as the White Water Rafting activity itself.

All guests will be collected from their respective hotels and taken to The Lookout Café for their briefing. Please bring your vouchers to check in. Do not bring valuables with you. Please leave all valuables, jewelry and passports at your hotel for safekeeping. We provide a safekeeping facility at check-in, where valuables can be left at your own risk.

What to Wear

  • Swimsuit and shorts/cycling shorts but nothing that water will suck away
  • A way to secure glasses to yourself or they will be lost
  • T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt for sun protection
  • Sunscreen and lip balm (guides will have dry bag for this)
  • Sturdy shoes/trainers or rafting shoes. Your shoes must be securely fitted to your feet (i.e. no flip-flops) or they will be lost!
  • A peak cap that will fit comfortably under your helmet.
  • Wet Suits will be provided in the winter months.
  • Bring as little as possible!

Low Water- White Water Rafting

Dates: 10th August – 25th December

Rapids: #1 to #19

Lunch: Lunch at Top of Gorge at Rapid # 19

Time: 07:30 to 14:30

Duration: 7 hrs

High Water- White Water Rafting

Dates: 25th Dec – 10th August

Rapids: #11 to #23

Lunch   : Lunch is served at the top of the gorge at Rapid #23

Time: 07:30 to 14:00

Duration: 6.5 hrs

Departures: White Water Rafting trips depart daily,

Minimum / Maximum participants: Minimum: 2   Maximum: N/A

Age Restrictions

Minimum age: 15 years (At management’s discretion younger children may be accepted if the child is of the right maturity, strength and will fit a lifejacket securely.)

Maximum age: There is no maximum age limit; however Wild Horizons retain the right to refuse to take a client who is clearly going to be unable to cope with the rigours of rafting.

Language: English

Price Per Person: US$120.00

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Clients are given the option between an “oar boat” and a “paddle boat”.

An “oar boat” is controlled and manoeuvred by the guide using “12 foot-long” oars from the middle of the raft. Guests are seated in the front and rear of the raft and hold on to the safety line around the perimeter of the raft.

A “paddle boat” requires the passengers to actively assist the guide in manoeuvring the raft through the rapids and the calm stretches, they are seated around the perimeter of the boat and all paddle, but do not hold onto the safety line.

Walk in and out of the Gorge

The walk in and out of the gorge is steep and rocky. The walk out is approximately 750 feet to the top of the gorge and requires a reasonable degree of fitness. There is cold beer, soft drink and water top of the gorge for guests.

Video and Photographic Coverage

Photographic and video coverage will be offered on every trip to guests for an extra fee.


Tipping is not compulsory. If however you would like to leave a token of your thanks, the following is a guideline:

  • Guide: US$10 per guest per day.
  • Other Staff: US$5 per guest per day.
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