Zambezi Fishing

The Zambezi Fishing is famous because of the great freshwater game fish – The Tigerfish.

Zambezi Fishing

Zambezi Fishing: The mighty Zambezi River has become the number one destination for avid fresh water anglers to “take on” the ferocious tiger fish (Hydrocynus Vittatus). Powerful, swift predators Tigerfish are a thrill to catch and require a great deal of fishing skill with a good river specimen weighing over 15 lbs.

Bream, or Tilapia, also live in large numbers in the river and although they don’t fight quite as aggressively as the Tiger, a good 5 lb fish will quickly snap light tackle given half the chance. Spinners and lures are the most common method of catching these fish although using light tackle, a fly and a fly-rod is becoming very popular and brings an extra dimension to a very exciting sport. Tea and coffee, soft drinks, beer and fishing tackle are provided.

This section of the river can be successfully fished through-out the year but one must change methods to ensure that catch rates remain high. There is a simple formula; if the fish can see (i.e. water clarity) then it can chase your fly, lure and bait. Clear water on the upper Zambezi is common from late May until December, this massive window of fishing opportunity has its peak from May-October for fly and lure fishermen. During the height of the rainy season bait fishing for tiger become the norm as the waters of the Zambezi River  become wide and dirty, the fish resort mainly to smell to seek out your offerings.

Departures: Daily

Departure Times:

Summer Pickup Times

  • Morning Half Day – 06h30 – 11h30
  • Afternoon Half Day – 14h00 – 18h00

Winter Pickup Times  

  • Morning Half Day – 07h00 – 12h00
  • Afternoon Half Day – 13h30 –17h30

Minimum / Maximum participants 

Minimum: 2

Maximum: 8

Language: English

Transfers: The trip includes return transfers from Victoria Falls town accommodation.

Price per person: Half Day Fishing Trip: US$150.00

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