The Art Village Tour

Join us on a multi-faceted and interactive Art Village Tour, involving history, culture, art, and a dinner under the stars.

Art of Africa Village Tour

The Art Village Tour consists of  a cultural tour and  an art workshop:

Cultural Tour: This will include an hour long tour in and around the Village. (Timing is flexible, depending on the guests level of interests and needs). Guests will be shown various aspects of Ndebele life, from family and community, to farming techniques, cattle kraals, and the history of the different buildings and their designs. This will be led by chief Mpisi himself.

Art Workshop: This activity allows for guests to interact with village locals on a more personal level – enabling a closer insight and understanding to African life, through art. The local artist, who’s also the son of the chief, will provide a peek into the life of an African artist, speaking of his experience and inspirations, and embark on a 45/60 minute workshop set up in his outside studio. The workshop is easy and fun, needing no previous artistic experience. Guests will be taught through demonstration and a step by step manner to produce works of art which can be taken home as souvenirs. To begin with we will offer Finger Painting Sessions – working with acryllics, or watercolour Postcard Sessions. All materials are included.

*(Guests also have the opportunity to be exposed to other forms of art – carving, oils, sketching, and may meet an amazingly talented local girl, who has learnt to paint with her toes. Workshops on the above will be on offer in time).

Traditional Dinner: Once the art workshop is over, the guests will move across to the dining area, which has been set up and prepared by the village women. Seated in a traditional manner, a meal of sadza, stew and relish is served. (Vegetarian is an option and all vegetables come from the village gardens). Chief Mpisi will sit with the guests and give an in depth discussion about the history of the Ndebele people. Drumming and traditional dancing is available on request. Once the meal and entertainment is over, the guests will return to their lodgings.

15:30: Transfer to Village from accommodation in Victoria Falls town
16:00: Cultural Tour led by Chief Mpisi
17:00: Art Session with local artist
18:00: Sunset Drinks and History Discussion
18:30: Traditional Dinner cooked by the wife of the headman
20:00: Return to accommodation in Victoria Falls town

Departures: Daily

Minimum / Maximum participants

Minimum: 2

Departure Times: 15h30 from accommodation in Victoria Falls town.

Duration: 15h30 to 20h00

Age Restrictions:

Minimum age: N/A although very young children may not be able to participate. Children under 12 will have a reduced rate.

Maximum age: N/A

Language: English

Transfers: Included

Please note: Clothes should be knee length or longer to honour local Ndebele culture.

Price per person: US$110.00

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