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Dr. David Livingstone was paddled in a dugout canoe through swift rapids towards the roar and rising cloud of mist suspended above a cliff over which the whole of the Zambezi River plunged. The Makololo paddlers skillfully landed him on ‘Goat Island’ (now Livingstone Island) right on the lip of the chasm. A few steps through the small rainforest and, on the 16th November 1855, he gazed upon one of the most spectacular sights in the world – ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ (The Smoke that Thunders) which he named after his Queen as The Victoria Falls.

Livingstone Island is a 5-8 minutes boat ride from the Royal Livingstone Hotel and is located in the middle of the Zambezi River, touching the lip of the Victoria Falls, where the water thunders down the 103m drop. Access to this unique Island is seasonal and depends entirely on the water level in the Zambezi River. All visits to the island are during the ‘low water’ season, which usually begins in mid July and goes through to the end of January. High water visits are not possible as the island is continuously covered in the spray/downpour from the Victoria Falls.

The trip includes a short guided tour of the island, viewing the Victoria Falls and a light snack depending on the time of the morning visits.

Operates between: Mid July and goes through to the end of January


Livingstone Island Morning Tea Tours

Three morning visits of one and a half hours each (giving about one hour fifteen minutes on the Island). Departing Royal Livingstone at: 07h30, 09h00 and 10h30 These visits include tea and coffee, soft drinks and light snacks

Livingstone Island Lunch Tour

Departing Royal Livingstone at 12h30 and returning at 15h15 This includes a buffet lunch, with soft drinks, beer and wine.

Livingstone Island Afternoon Tea Tour

One afternoon visit of two hours, departing Royal Livingstone at 15h30 and returning at 17h30. This visit includes tea, coffee, light snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Minimum / Maximum participants 

Minimum: N/A

Maximum: Maximum of 16 guests on the island at a time.

Age Restrictions: Kindly be advised that there is no age limit to take park in the Livingstone Island tour (where guests swim in the Devil’s Pool). Children below 12 years must be accompanied by their parents who will sign the indemnity on their behalf. Swimming is for children 8 years old and above – children must be accompanied by their parents or guardian. Children 7 years and below are charged half the adult rate.

Language: English

Transfers: Pickups from the Zimbabwe border or any other lodge in Livingstone town are at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the Activity e.g. Lunch pickup is at 12h00, Activity starts at 12h30.

Please note: The Activity Rate excludes road transfers to/from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.


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