Crocodile Farm and Snake Park Tour

Zambia Crocodile Farm

Guests have the chance to experience the Crocodile Farm and Snake Park on this tour. After arriving guests meet the guide and are given a safety briefing before proceeding to the exhibits where they may see the crocodiles and even hold a baby crocodile .A very educative tour especially for the children who get the chance to hold baby crocodiles and tortoises. This is not a commercial farm- these are crocodiles which are captured from the wild as they had become problem animals- preying on livestock and humans. The farm is in fact a sanctuary for them.

Feeding times for crocodiles are usually at 16h00. There are 4 pens which are fed on different days to ensure that guests have the chance to witness the feeding daily, including weekends. The snakes are housed in glass tanks and for the braver guests there is also the chance to hold some snakes.

Operates between: Year Round

Departures: Daily

Departure Times: On Request

Language: English

Transfers: Included

Price per person: US$50.00

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