Top 5 Family Activities to do in Victoria Falls

Things to do in Victoria Falls - Face Painting

Top 5 Family Activities to do in Victoria Falls


“Excuse the mess, my family is just making memories.”

Our families have the tendency to drive us crazy, drive us up the wall, drive us to drink… but that’s the thing. They drive us. Theirs are the faces that will fill your photo albums, your memory bank, and your heart. Whether there is two of you or ten of you, your family will always be a part of you. The two key ingredients to an incredibly journey – where you go and who you go with. If you are coming to Victoria Falls, the first part is already perfect. Now we suggest you bring your family.


Victoria Falls canopy tour

A family is like a forest, when you are outside it is dense, when you are inside you see that each tree has its place. ~ African Proverb

When travelling with children, everything is already an adventure. There is a story behind every odd shaped Victoria Falls Activities Canopy Tourscloud, every pointy object is a battle weapon and a lick of ice cream has the ability to turn their whole day around (this has been proved to work for older generations too). So, when you take them between the lips of the Batoka gorge, where a jungle springs from the rocks and miniature zip lines whiz you through the warm African breeze, children don’t need those over active imaginations to create a mesmerising experience. A mild adrenaline rush surges through the whole family as you soak up the raging rapids of the Zambezi below, the spray of vegetation that bursts around you, and the multitude of birds that dip and dive above you. This is an activity that even the most timid family member will love, and the photo opportunities are unsurpassed.


Boma Dinner

One who eats alone cannot discuss the taste of the food with others. ~African Proverb

So much of one’s culture is expressed through their culinary delights, and there is no better place for a taste of Victoria Falls Activities Face PaintingAfrica than The Boma. From sizzling warthog steak to tender crocodile strips, sticky ostrich kebabs and cold chibuku (traditional beer), this edible adventure will leave your taste buds tingling. You will leave with a chitengi draped over your shoulder, a Mopani-worm-eating certificate clutched in your fist, braids in your hair and paint on your face. Your palms will tingle with the memory of beating the small cow hide drums during the group drumming circle, and you may have had a glimpse of the future, should you venture into the bone throwers hut…


Pay it forward

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable. ~ Bondei proverb

Through exploring the world, we gain knowledge, experience, and perspective. However, the opportunity to Victoria Falls Activities Pay It Forwardgive back to the places we have visited can add another dimension to the entire experience. Through the ‘Pay It Forward’ activity offered by Wild Horizons, holiday makers can make their journey ever more meaningful. Teaching your family that gratitude is the best gift one can receive by helping an organisation in need, be it an orphanage, old age home or local clinic. Wild Horizons will give you a “wish list” compiled by the organisation, and a mission to fulfil it by exploring the unique markets dotted around the town. You will then be transported to the organisation to deliver you goods and meet the strangers whose day you have brightened. “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” ― Maya Angelou


Art with the elephant

Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone. ~Nigerian Proverb

Victoria Falls Activities Elephant ArtThese gentle giants are the ideal model – big personalities without the sass, and curves Kim Kardashian would envy! Their humbling presence emits an air of contentment and serenity, and the smooth strokes of your paintbrush will bring to life the iridescent greenery, the brilliant blue sky, and the warm glow of the sun. artistically challenged or not, it is impossible not to be swept up in a moment of creativity when confronted with such exquisite natural beauty. And even if your picture features a few brown blobs on the canvas, you will treasure it more than any photograph, because of the memories that lie between the streaks of colour.


Home hosted lunch.

A small house will hold a hundred friends. ~ African proverb Victoria Falls Activities Home Hosted Lunch

Zimbabweans are famous for their honourable hospitality, and Victoria Falls is bursting with flavour that can be experienced through the wonderful personalities of its people as well as the delectable traditional meals they prepare. These activity is focused on community empowerment, and provides many families with a much-needed source of income. There is no better accompaniment to divine cultural cuisine, than the company of the gracious person who prepared it.  Immerse your family in another lifestyle and spread the roots of your friendships across the world.


A family tie is like a tree, it can bend but it cannot break. ~ African proverb

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