Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage

Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage

Elephant Orphanage


In 1992, four elephants fondly known as “Jock”, “Jack”, “Jumbo “and “Miz Ellie” were in desperate need of a new home. They were orphans from a culling operation in Hwange National Park in 1980 and had outgrown their temporary home on a small farm in Zimbabwe.



With an uncontested, unwavering conservation ethic, Wild Horizons was identified as an ideal candidate to create a facility that would enhance the lives of the founding four elephants and provide a space for other elephants in need of care.

The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage was established, and has been a safe haven to a mirage of orphaned and injured elephants since its conception.

We strongly believe that ultimately the best environment for all elephant is in the wild and we strive to ensure that as many animals as possible return to a wild environment.

That said, habituation forms a meaningful obstacle to many successful releases, with few wild areas being available where elephants cannot seek out human contact.


At Wild Horizons the elephant’s welfare and well-being has always taken precedence and the elephant keepers have been equipped with expansive training and knowledge to ensure dignified treatment of the animals at all time.


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We are committed to our elephants, and will take all steps necessary to replicate the life that they would have in the wild. We will continue to take in orphans, for as long as is financially possible, with the ultimate goal of eventually returning them to the wild where possible.


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