Chieftain’s Team Building Challenge

Experience the culture of Chief Mukuni’s Village on the Chieftain’s Team Building Challenge.

Mukuni Village

Participate in goat milking, peanut grinding, beer making and drive an ox cart. Enjoy a friendly game of soccer with the village children and complete your crossword by interacting with the villagers to get the answer.


This programme involves a teaming building experience at Chief Mukuni’s village. Teams pit their wits against each other whilst simultaneously experiencing the cultural aspect of the village. They are required to participate in milking goats, grinding peanuts and enjoying a friendly game of soccer with the local children of the village. Participants also have to complete crosswords whose answers require interaction with the villagers.

The group will be transferred from the hotel to Mukuni Village for a formal meeting with the Village Elder. This takes place at the entrance to Chief Mukuni’s Palace. The Village Elder welcomes participants with an introductory talk including a formal greeting from the Chief. This introductory talk will give a brief synopsis of the history of the village, its population, as well as information on the entire area of the Mukuni Kingdom (which extends for over 100km) If the resident chief is available, she will be introduced to the group.

From here the entire group is shown the courtroom as well as the jail cells where some members of the group have been secretly incarcerated. A possible inclusion to the programme would be a re-enactment of the meeting between ‘David Livingstone’ and the chief, beneath the village tree, as they did in 1855.

We suggest that the group is split into even smaller groups for the following activities:

Group 1 – Carving and curio design, clay modeling and a bead-game challenge where the group can take on the locals.

Group 2 – Agricultural challenges could include rounding up chickens, driving an ox cart and grinding maize.

Group 3 – Beer making, traditional celebrations and rituals that participants will assist the locals in organizing.

These groups can rotate every 30 minutes. It enables participants to gain an understanding of traditional village life and culture.


Available: Daily, year round

Minimum / Maximum participants:

Minimum: 20

Maximum: 200

Departures: Daily, year round

Duration: 3 ½ hours

Language: English

Transfers: Transfers are not included in the activity rate.

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